NUPTE Warns Courier, Telecom Companies Against indecent Jobs

NUPTE Warns Courier, Telecom Companies Against indecent Jobs

NUPTE Warns Courier, Telecom Companies Against indecent Jobs

The National Union of Postal and Telecommunications Employees (NUPTE) has warned Couriers and Telecoms companies operating in Nigeria against indecent Jobs.

President of NUPTE, Comrade Buba, Nehemiah G while speaking during this year World Day For Decent Work (WDDW) in Abuja said the union would soon mobilise against such organizations.

He said it is against the law of the land as well as ILO conventions for employers of labour to refuse an employee his/her right to belong to a Union of their choice.

“NUPTE primary objective is to ensure that the social economy interest of its members are secured by way of protecting their rights in all form of workplace discrimination, Casualization, slave labour or policies that are inconsistent with principles of Decent Work are eliminated.

“Most employment offered by these companies is outsourced, casualised or time-specified. It is like a taboo for workers virtually in the Couriers and Telecoms sectors to belong to a Union of their choice, doing such will automatically lead to job loss.

“Their jobs are subtly and strictly tied to their not joining a Union. NUPTE says this policy negates the international Labour Organizations’ freedom of Association and the protection of the Right to Organize Convention, the Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining Convention which Nigeria is a signatory; Section 40 of the 1999 Constitution as amended.

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“NUPTE as a matter of urgency call on the management of Speedaf Express SHOULD and MUST respect workers’ rights to JOIN NUPTE, and the extant labour Laws as parameters that guarantees Decent Work in its factual form embedded in it to protect and promote the rights and aspirations of our members.

“The Union strongly advises the management to stop any form of victimisations or unfair treatment to members who participated in the Picket action or indicate interest in joining the Union (NUPTE) and remind the organisation that UNIONISATION OF WORKERS IS A RIGHT AND NOT A PREVILLAGE and SAY NO TO ANTI LABOUR STANCE IN THE ORGANISATION”.

The union also accused companies like GIG Logistics, Zenith Carex,_ RT.Com Nigeria, Glo, 9mobile, Airtel, Aquila Logistic Company among others of refusing unionism Related: randolph county jail mugshots, level 1 ncaa violation punishment, kmno4 + h2o2 balanced equation, pigtail haircut method curly hair, vertical prep basketball roster, who is esme’s mother on general hospital, sutton development buffalo, though the mountains may fall into the sea scripture, deepfake voice text to speech, original pan vs traditional pizza hut australia, john delony birthday, natwest redemption statement request portal solicitors, wcyb past anchors, banner health nurse residency program, another broken egg yelp waitlist,Related: research examining rebellion and obedience suggests that, earl of harewood family tree, tom and ariana house address, tabor correctional officer killed, jeff wittek injury photos, push ups after appendectomy, vietnam military grid maps, topps stadium club checklist, grassland 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